Bacon Avocado Dip

A cousin to guacamole, this dip is mild–no hot chiles–and adds crisp bacon bits.

Bacon Avocado Dip



  1. In medium bowl, mash avocado with fork. Add sour cream; mix well. Stir in remaining ingredients and serve with corn tortilla chips.


Simple & Tasty

I make this a lot. Usually double the recipe, it goes fast. I sometimes make into a wrap sandwich …sooo good. When serving with chips heat them up especially if using the scoop corn chips….yum

Everyone loved this dip

I made this dip for a potluck for my husband and the people raved about it. Several asked him for the recipe. So decided to make it for a small gathering I was attending and again, everyone loved it. So this is now my go-to recipe for a great dip.


I made this for my 80th birthday celebration. It was going fast. And then a friend asked if they could take it to another party they were going to attend later because they liked it so well.

Love, love, love the combo of bacon & avocado! ❤️

Fantastic combo of avocado and bacon. Was a huge hit at my son’s graduation party!

Find complete recipe here

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